There are many gun cleaning product lines, solvents and oils, but there is only one Shooter’s Choice! Double-Alpha Academy is proud to be a European distributor for this fantastic product line.

Having used these products ourselves, we can say with full confidence that you will find no better for cleaning and maintaining your firearms. And this year, Shooter’s Choice is proud to introduce their new line of water based cleaners – perfect for cleaning indoors or when odors and toxic fumes are unacceptable.

Engineered to meet the most demanding needs for firearm lubrication and protection! Great for Nickel, Stainless, and Chrome Moly. 

Prevents metal damage in the following areas:
• Actions • Shotgun hinges and hardware • Frame rails • Bolt-action locking lugs

• Quick and easy to apply
• Doesn’t gum-up
• Odorless (for the hunter)
• Doesn’t wash off with water
• Clings to metal surfaces
• Doesn’t melt when hot
• Doesn’t fly off full autos
• Doesn’t stiffen when cold

Temperature Operating Range:
• -65°F to +350°F

Recommended Uses:
• Firearms
• Auto
• Sports equipment
• Fishing tackle
• Industrial
• Household
• Marine

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Pasta Iosso Codice: KSIOS

Pasta IOSSO ideale per lappatura, rimozione di piombo e rame dalle canne senza aggredire il metallo e per la lucidatura di metalli, inox, rame, ottone, oro, argento, cromature, smalti, plexiglass, ecc. Tubetto da 50 ml.

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